It’s time. Arriving on Earth from the distant reaches of the Known Universe comes the NFT digital art collection Dune: Future Artifacts.

Celebrate the release of the cinematic epic Dune with this official, limited-edition NFT collection of digital artifacts taken from the world of the film, all worth their weight in Spice.

This ever-expanding collection, packed with surprises, includes artifacts revealing a history of humanity’s future beyond the stars. From detailed in-world royal portraits of iconic characters taken from the hallowed halls of House Atreides and House Harkonnen, to ancient-future digital sculptures and artifacts unearthed from the shifting sands of Arrakis – known to its inhabitants as Dune. Every piece has been elegantly crafted using exclusive digital assets taken directly from the film.

Destiny awaits. Don’t miss your chance to own a piece of future history.
The first drop goes on sale September 22nd on MakersPlace.

Featuring music from Hans Zimmer’s Dune film score.

Digital Royal Sculptures

Paul Atreides

Caladan Sculpture

“Something is awakening in my mind… I can’t control it.”

First born son of his royal highness Duke Leto I and Lady Jessica, this digital sculpture captures Paul readying for action during combat training on his homeworld of Caladan.

Available Sep 22



“Rolling over the sands, you can see Spice in the air.”

This vision painting captures the moment Paul Atreides first feels the spice-rich sands of Arrakis run through his fingertips.

Available Sep 22


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The Dune: Future Artifacts Collection will be offset using Aerial, a sustainability platform that calculates the carbon emissions based on associated energy use.